Article link–˃ read article pdf healthcare professionals are expected to conduc

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Article link–˃ read article pdf
Healthcare professionals are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner.They are expected to treat all patients with kindness, respect and empathy.
1) List 5 qualities of professionalism that people in health care should possess. Include an example of how you will display each quality while you are at clinical.
2) Please share an example of professionalism that you have observed (or experienced)  as a customer or coworker in others at clinical, in a healthcare setting or any other business setting.
3) Also, share an example of unprofessional behavior you have observed in healthcare or a business setting, either as a customer or employee.
Professional behavior – I went to my dentist appointment last week. The person at the check in desk was well groomed, greeted me with a smile etc…
Unprofessional behavior – I was at a coffee shop yesterday. The person working at the counter asked to take my order then proceeded to turn to her coworker and started gossiping. She then turned back to me and said ″what do you want?″ The 2 coworkers then continued their conversation with each other and didn′t start to make my order for several minutes. When the order was done it was placed on the counter in front of me with no ″thank you″ or acknowledgment…I probably won′t return there.
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