Assignment: annotated bibliography: #1. in this assignment, teacher candidates w

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Assignment: Annotated Bibliography:
#1. In this assignment, teacher candidates will work individually to create an annotated bibliography of 10 children’s books that connect to a common theme or topic related to social justice or diversity.
2. The bibliography should include both fiction and nonfiction texts, contain a range in reading levels (K-12) and represent a variety of genres and types of text (picture books, informational, novels, etc). Include at least two fiction and two nonfiction, and at least three different genres represented. At least one book should be a novel/chapter book
*The bibliography should be titled and contain a short introductory paragraph explaining the overall theme of the list and why you selected that theme.
*Each title entry should follow APA format and contain a 40-75 word desсrіption of the book and its connection to your social justice/diversity theme. This desсrіption needs to be in your OWN words. The entries should be listed alphabetically.
Each entry should follow this format exactly:
Author last name, author first initials. (Year of publication). Title of book. Publication city, publication state: Publishing company. Keywords: list the overall themes of each book. Recommended grade level: Genre, Picture book or novel:
Short paragraph describing book.
Bunting, E. (1993). Fly away home. New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin. Keywords: homelessness, poverty, family. Recommended grade level: 2-4. Genre: Realistic Fiction, picture book. This book explores the concept of homelessness as it follows the story of a young boy and father. The two live in the airport, moving between terminals, trying not to get noticed by airport security and staff. One day, the young boy discovers a bird that is trapped in the airport and finds some hope for his own life when the bird gets free.

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