Critically assess the sharpe maximised portfolio.

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You are working as a research analyst in a portfolio management company, and you are asked to create a new portfolio by suggesting a list of financial assets covering the main financial markets.
You will prepare a PPT report (15-20 slides) to the Board, giving advice on your investment strategy. You need to create a video recording of your explanation of the slides. In your PPT, you should have a clear review of the selected financial markets, reasons for forming a diversified portfolio versus one or two individual equities, rationale of your choice, proposed portfolio strategy and analysis on the portfolio performance.
You should include ratios, graphics, tables, and analysis in written words in your slides.
Examples of ratios and analysis, you can consider including in your slides to support your presentation:
1. The Risk, Return, Beta, Sharpe and Treynor ratios for each of the chosen securities and alternative portfolios.
2. Propose your portfolio strategy and calculate proportions of selected investments to minimise the risk of the selected Portfolio. 3. Present and critically assess the risk and return of this portfolio.
4. Calculate the proportions you would invest to maximise the Sharpe Ratio of the Portfolio.
5. Critically assess the Sharpe maximised portfolio.

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