Do not submit one long paragraph.

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Type out about a one page minimum (it′s okay to go over one page) response to the questions below. In your response, make sure you give specific examples and details from each reading and organize your ideas in different paragraphs. Do not submit one long paragraph. This should be a formal response, similar to an essay assignment–do not type out the questions or number them. Your response should also be in your own words and free from typos and grammar errors. I prefer that you do not use quotes from the readings, but if you decide to add one or two, you need an in-text citation with the author′s last name.

Read the following selections:
Complexion – Richard Rodriguez.pdf
It′s Hard Enough Being Me – Anna Lisa Raya.pdf

Explain how both authors struggle with their identity? How does this affect them in their social lives? Give specific examples and details from both readings. Then, explain your opinion of these two readings and whether you can relate to them. Feel free to give personal examples in your response.

(When referring to authors in your writing, always refer to them by last name.)

NOTE: All assignments in this class that require you to attach a file, such as this one, must be in 12pt. Times Roman Font and double-spaced. The two acceptable file types are Microsoft Word or PDF. If you do not have Microsoft Word, use Google Docs and then convert the Google Docs into a PDF file.
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