Does this meet the requirements of minimal risk?

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A researcher is interested in whether children’s memory of a witnessed event can be changed through false information. Participants (10-12 years old) watch a recorded video of a car accident and then take part in a discussion regarding what they remember. Participants are randomly assigned to one of three conditions: experimenter-delivered false information, confederate-delivered false information, or control. In the experimenter-delivered condition, the experimenter introduces the incorrect information during the discussion. In the confederate-delivered condition, the incorrect information is introduced by an individual behaving as a participant. In the control condition, no incorrect information is presented during the discussion. After the discussion, participants’ memory for events are tested. Participants are fully debriefed as to the deception and purpose of the study.
Discuss the ethical issues of this idea. Does this meet the requirements of minimal risk? Why or why not? Address how you would approach each of the following issues (if it is something that you feel does not need addressed, explain why): minimal risk, informed consent, debriefing, the population you plan to use, possible coercion, the presence of deception, physical, psychological, or social risks, and confidentiality.

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