Explains the material this week as if you were teaching the last week′s material.

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For the final weekly assignment you get to design the unit 13 lecture. Begin by reading the two essays assigned for this unit. Consider their place in the broader context of the class.
Create a power point presentation that first summarizes this week′s readings. Explains the material this week as if you were teaching the last week′s material. You will use written words rather than pictures to convey the meaning of the material. Once you have a nice summary in place consider how this weeks material unifies everything we′ve learned. Try to summarize the class mentioned other ideas that we′ve learned over the weeks.
Aim for at least 10 slides (title slide included) however you may go as far over that as you need. Please don′t bog down your presentation with visuals and bullet points. Think of this as a presentation/paper but one where you get to highlight whatever you find most significant. What you write down on your slides should be substantial like an essay. Use my slides as an example.
Your lecture should show good understanding of the reading and synthesize information together. Spend roughly the first 80% explaining/summarizing the reading from this unit. Then, think of the remaining part as the concluding thought for the class. In the last 20% think about the ideas and concepts that meant the most to you (not unit 1). Try to integrate those things with the content from the unit 13 readings. End your essay with a ″most important point″ that brings everything together. Below you will find a starter slide-set to begin with. Use this power point file to work from.
As an alternative format you may also use Adobe Spark to complete this assignment. Just borrow the starter image from the power point file below and construct your spark page in a manner that is comparable to a slide show. Please do not hand in a .key file or google slides. Blackboard cannot handle these formats. You may work with these programs but you would need to upload your assignment as a pdf.
Save your file as a power point. Please upload your completed lecture to a course message sent to me. Don′t save it as a .key file as blackboard cannot handle that format. Please don′t try to email it to me. I won′t accept it that way. If you forgot how to send a course message see the ″course tour″ video in the syllabus folder. Save the completed project with the file name ″Unit 13 – your name″ If, instead, your created your assignment as a spark page please send the link as a course message. Make sure to put your name at the beginning of your presentation.

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