Link to instructional videos for the appraisal project: appraisal project instructional videos

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Each student will prepare a realistic real estate appraisal of a residential property of their choice, including photographs of the subject and comps. Submissions must be typed and in good form (students will need to download the attached file *.pdf form, then open it with Adobe Reader, using the ″Fill & Sign″ option or the ″Comment″ option to create textboxes for the data). The appraisal must be performed using both the Sales Comparison Approach and the Cost Approach to value the property. Special instructions:
Use a blue font for your input on the appraisal form (Form 1004) – to differentiate it from the black ink on the form (this is not required if you′re not able to figure it out).
Type the name and company name of the real estate professional who assisted you with this project in the ″Supervisory Appraiser″ area on page 6 of Form 1004 (please do NOT include a signature from the RE professional, as this is not an official document).
Photographs and maps may be submitted in a single, separate MS Word document, if necessary.
Link to instructional videos for the appraisal project: Appraisal Project Instructional Videos
For the ″Neighborhood″ section of the first page of the appraisal, it may be necessary for the student to make estimates of the high, low, and predominant prices of homes in the neighborhood, as well as the present land-use percentages. This area is circled in red in the attached ″neighborhood″ file.
The finished appraisal (in *.pdf form) must be submitted using the provided link by Wednesday, 11/09/22. This assignment is eligible for late submission but penalties are substantial under the LUR Late Assignment Policy.

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