Practical learning experiences are a large part of the didactic portion of the L

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Practical learning experiences are a large part of the didactic portion of the LPN to BSN nursing program. These experiences rely on the adult learning theory to be successful. The practice learning experience (PLE) logs assist the student to achieve student learning outcomes, course outcomes, and understanding of patients across the lifespan. Student practical learning hours are required documentation during this course. A minimum of 16 hours of practical learning experience is required. All nine of the program outcomes listed in your course syllabus should be addressed within those 16 hours. In module 8, you will submit your log for faculty review. The end goal is to demonstrate how you met the SLOs for this course. Consider how you may have met these outcomes differently compared to your other nursing courses previously.
Please note the Practical Learning Experience Log provided here for your convenience. Please use this form and do not turn in a handwritten one.
The practical learning hours are related to the course objectives and student learning outcomes. You can find these in your course syllabus. Each student will log separate hours per course. *You are not to re-use your hours from one course to another, because the research hours are designed around your specific final course project and student learning outcomes. You may use hours from your place of employment, but cannot be acting as an employee of a facility and as a student of a university simultaneously. Students, most of your hours should come from collaboration and research that is built into your final course project. Please keep in mind that these are not traditional clinical hours spent in a facility providing patient care. These hours are to be considered learning experiences. The focus is geared toward learning from collaboration among healthcare professionals, stakeholders, and research within the course final project. Please note that this is not direct patient care hours from your place of employment.
The learning experiences should be course specific and meet the objectives related to the course. Please contact your instructor if you have further questions or concerns.

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