Research and write your report online using true sources about the museo del barrio or another hispanic museum.

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In the SPAN 116 course we work with the Spanish Culture. You are to write a composition in Spanish about: “El Museo del Barrio”.
Excursion Paper: The students must virtually visit a place of Spanish, Latino, or Latin American cultural importance such as El Museo del Barrio, an art or other cultural exhibit, a Hispanic community center, or another such place of cultural importance. All the virtual excursion destinations must be approved by the instructor before taking the excursion. At the end of the virtual excursion, the students will write an Excursion Paper. Each excursion paper must be 1-2 pages and at least the first paragraph of the paper must be written in Spanish. This paragraph should concisely summarize where the student went on their excursion and why. This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about Spanish, Latin American, or Latino culture outside of the classroom.
Make an accurate research.
Research and write your report online using true sources about the Museo del Barrio or another Hispanic museum. (check your Syllabus).
Remember that:
A) Your writing must be in Spanish. (double space).
B) It must have 1-2 pages.
C) This composition will be graded.

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