What does paraphrasing signify to the client?

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Scenario: Jill is a client that you have been working with for the past three weeks. During this session, Jill comes to you with several things on her mind, such as (a) failing her final examination in her math class, (b) breaking up with her boyfriend of six months, (c) feeling overwhelmed with not being able to find a job and her bills continuing to ‘pile up’. Because of the relationship that Jill has built with you, complete the following two-step assignment:
Part I: In two, double-spaced pages, develop a transcript that shows a conversation between you, as the Human Services Professional, and Jill. In the conversation, show how Jill is explaining her complex situations with you and indicate how you are actively listening to her and paraphrasing what she is saying (Note: This is not an assignment where you assist Jill with a solution. This assignment should show the application of critical, active listening and paraphrasing from the Human Services Professional.)
Part II: In one double-spaced page, discuss why active listening and paraphrasing is important? What does paraphrasing signify to the client?
Page Length: 3 minimum
Sources: 1 minimum
Note: Be sure to include APA in-text citations and a Reference Page to properly cite all resources.

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