Why or why not?3.

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Introduction:Students will complete a case study during this class that focuses on nonprofit leadership and management for nonprofit organizations. Use this exercise to apply learning to real-world situations. Instructions:Please read the Greenhill Community Center Case Study Link. Your analysis of the case should include answers to the following:1. Does the Greenhill Community Center have a solid mission and direction? Discuss the organization’s mission and how well the organization accomplishes that mission. Are there examples of “mission creep″ in this case study?2. Discuss Board members’ responsibilities and the consequences of inaction/inactivity on the part of the Board. Define the roles of the Board of Directors and Executive Director in this organization and how these roles are relevant to the legitimate governance structure in place. What appears to be the board′s role in fundraising? Is it working? Why or why not?3. What are the two most pressing issues facin

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